Free credit for referrals

Get $50 on your first referral and $25 free credit for each one thereafter.

What is free credit?

Free credit is a special currency on your account that allows you to withdraw jolts back into $$$ with No platform fees. In short, as long as you have free credit on your account, you'll pay 0% platform fees*

* Platform fees are the fees that Fanjolt receives from creators using our service, our platform fee is currently 5%.

Can I start referring people to the platform now?

We will soon be launching our referral feature for all creators to start using on the platform. We're going to start lettings you refer friends before the platform has launched and all of these referrals will be saved so when we do launch, all of that free credit can be retroactively applied to your account.

Currently only creators may sign up for early access. If you're interested in knowing as soon as referrals are ready, register your interest today.