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What is Fanjolt?

To put it simply, Fanjolt is like other fan-funding platforms such as Patreon and Only Fans but with a twist. We’ve worked hard to build lots of useful ways for you as a creator to monetise the content you make to allow you to earn extra income rather than just relying on monthly donations.

Fanjolt is more than just a platform to collect revenue, it’s a way to develop and grow your community of fans and keep those who care most about your content, in the loop.

I already have a Patreon account, whats the difference?

Patreon is currently the largest fan funding platform online that is available to individuals and businesses. Whilst it does help address the problem of allowing fans to support the projects they love, it is lacking a lots of areas. Here are just a few of the features that Patreon does not have compared to Fanjolt:

  • Payouts as you go – Ultimate flexibility where you can withdraw your balance as often as you like, no more waiting until the end of the month in order to access your income.
  • Multiple Feeds - So you can run different projects all from one account.
  • Single purchase access - Attract more fans with our unique pay-once system to get more viewers to your content. Fans can then optionally subscribe to support you further.
  • Individually purchasable content - As a creator you can sell additional content through Fanjolt.
  • Gilding posts – Letting fans show their appreciation for your work by gilding your posts and comments, giving them a unique eye-catching look.
  • Hands-off approach – Whilst we know some individuals like a managed experience, we believe you know what’s best for your brand, and so we built Fanjolt to give the power back to you on what content you can sell access to.

New Patreon Business Model 2019

As of 2019 Patreon announced changes to their plans for creators, increasing the cut they take from new creator accounts to 5%, 8% and 12% respectively. Compared to Fanjolt’s flat 5% fee you’ll be able to keep more of the revenue you earn as well as being able to withdraw it whenever you choose to.

Is Fanjolt right for me?

You should consider using Fanjolt if you are looking to earn extra income from your biggest fans. This means as long as you can produce content and give your fans something digitally tangible, you should consider signing up.

We welcome all types of creators and project makers including:

  • YouTubers
  • Podcast Creators
  • People looking to fund a one-off project
  • Artists (Including Comic Creators)
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Video Producers
  • Esports Teams
  • Discord Communities
  • Vloggers
  • Charities
  • Social Media Stars
  • Models
  • Adult Entertainment Performers

What does “multiple revenue streams” mean?

When using Fanjolt, creators are able to create what are known as “Feeds” a feed is essentially its own self-contained project that you can managed and run on the service. Creators are able to set up multiple feeds, each with their own costs and settings.

Fans pay for access on a per feed basis, meaning you can choose to keep your content as close or separate as you’d like.

Use Case

An artist is currently working on 3 different web comic series, she understands that some of her fans are only interested in 1 or 2 of her comics and so would only want to pay to access those only. By separating her comics out into their own feeds, she can earn an income from all 3 separately as well as making it much easier for her fans to find what they want.

She could also choose to only have 1 feed but sell her web comic chapters as individual digital items on her page, allowing users the ability to purchase only the completed chapters if they’d like, and subscribe to her feed for the latest updates.

Can Fanjolt help me build a community around my work?


We did not want to make just another fan-funding platform, we’ve been reaching out to creators and brands far and wide to find out what you care about most. Features such as being able to gild comments and posts, optionally allowing some of your content to be seen for free and giving you clear and concise analytics. All helping you to build your community and create long term fans of your work.

I want to collect one-off payments to access my content, can I do that?


Of course, we’ve made it easier than ever to sell your content to fans as a one-off. You can currently do this using either or both of the following two ways:

  1. Utilising your feeds – All creators are able to create feeds, you can think of feeds like a stream of your created work. You can decide how much or how little to post on your feed as well as how much it costs a fan to subscribe to each feed. Subscribers will only pay once to subscribe to your feeds.
  2. Using Archives – Archives is a feature which lets you sell individual chunks of content for a one-off payment, you can choose to make archives only available to fans, or even allow anybody to purchase them. A comic book artist for example may want to sell each of their completed comics individually for a small cost after they have been finished.

I want to collect monthly donations like Patreon, can I do that?

Yes, you can. We offer fans the ability to become your “Superfans” for a small monthly fee that you can set. “Superfans” at the moment do not gain any extra content perks over regular fans but will be much more visible to you when commenting on your posts as well as receiving a special flair and badge for all to see. You will also be able to get a list of your “Superfans” on the dashboard for if you’d like to use that list anywhere else in your works (Like thankyou credits in a video for example).

How much does Fanjolt cost?

Fanjolt it 100% free to use for both Creators and Fans.

Creators can create, publish and start collecting income on the platform completely free right away. Creators will only pay a small 5% platform fee when withdrawing money from the platform. Creators will also have to pay the smaller fee set by payment processors like PayPal in order to send money into their account. We do not get to keep any of the payment processor fee.

Is there a bonus for signing up?

We understand whether it’s a big decision to make whether you are signing up for the first time or moving over from another platform. That is why all new creators on the platform will be able to withdraw their first $250 with 0% platform fees. This is what we call “Free Credit”

To claim your free credit, click here.

Early Access Rewards

As a thank you for supporting Fanjolt early on in our launch, we want to give you a special something to celebrate. All early access adopters will receive the following goodies automatically applied to their account at launch.

  • $250 free in withdrawal credit.
  • 25 free amps (worth $10)
  • Premium listing on our creator search.
  • Unique avatar & profile border.

Fanjolt referral programme

Your recommendation means a lot, and we want to acknowledge the creators who help us grow as a platform, that is why for the first additional creator you refer to the platform, we’ll give you an additional $50 free credit. Not only that, but for each additional creator you refer to the platform, we’ll give you another $25 free credit. There is no cap on the number of referrals you can have, so go nuts!

Example referral rewards

  1. Creator A signs up and gets $250 free credit automatically applied to their account.
  2. They use Fanjolt and start recommending it to friends in their community.
  3. Over the course of the next month, 20 more creators join Fanjolt thanks to Creator A.
  4. We give Creator A $50 for their first referral sign up an additional $25 for each of the other 19 referral sign ups ($475)
  5. Creator A now has a grand total of $775 of free credit they can withdraw without ever incurring our platform fee.

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Who owns Fanjolt?

We’re a small but dedicated team of Techies, Youtubers, Writers and Creatives! Fanjolt was made by creators, for creators. We try to keep things nice and light so if you fancy dropping us a line on Instagram or twitter please do! @fanjolt

To claim your free credit, click here.