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Our new site has just been launched, find out what exciting stuff we've got in store for you!

Apr 13 · 3 min read

After many weeks of working hard (not to mention three design changes!), we've finally launched our early access website. We've got some awesome features to tell you about as well as the future of the platform; but lets take a quick look first at whats included in our first release.

  • Early Access Sign up - You can now sign up to our early access program, to be the first onto Fanjolt as soon as it becomes publicly available. This is a huge milestone for us as it means we can start getting an indication on who is using the platform as well as what our initial interest is like. There are also a few awesome goodies that are exclusively available to early access supporters only so make sure you take a look if you are interested.
  • This Blog - It was never our intention to set up a blog to go along with the platform, but truth be told there were several benefits that we didn't realise until we had started building out the early access site. The first benefit is that by regularly updating the blog, we can build up a nice base of content to start getting Fanjolt to appear in google search terms. Its no secret that every small company wants to appear near the top of Google results, and we think the blog will help us massively with that. Our second and just as important reason is that the blog will allow us to provide comprehensive and meaningful updates and musing from our tech team and other members as time goes by. Being a small business means we need to ensure we help and promote other small businesses, and there are some amazing companies and creators out there doing groundbreaking things within this space.
  • Awesome Artwork - As the site is being developed we want to be able to share with you some of the amazing artwork we are having created by our resident artist, Citri. She's done an awesome job so far and we've work with her in the past on many projects, we're hoping that at some point she'll join us as a permanent member of the Fanjolt team! Psst! If you want to find more of her artwork, check out her instagram!
  • FAQ and more information - We've worked to try and answer some initial questions about the platform, what our aims are and who we're aiming for to use the platform. We want to try and answer as many questions and be as transparent as possible as we build out the platform, so if there is something we haven't managed to answer in either the FAQ or About Us page then shoot us a link on twitter.
  • Mobile Responsiveness - At the moment its looking like our mobile application isn't on the card for release this year, as we're only a very small team and we're going to need to expand a fair bit until we can get in the technical expertise to help make our phone apps. In order to still give you a great mobile experience, we're working hard to try and deliver a great mobile experience across all smart devices.

So that's that, not a whole lot to say about this first blog post other than what we've got on the live site, feel free to take a look round and if you are a creator who likes the sound of where we're going, sign up and lock in your early access bonuses today!

- The Fanjolt Team

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