How fan-funding can help your next creative project.

Fan-funding provides access to capital that has historically been completely unobtainable.

Apr 24 · 2 min read

Its no secret that fan-funding has surged in popularity in recent years. With large websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon rising out of nowhere to become digital household names, particularly among the creative community. There are many small businesses that utilised fan-funding when these sites first launched; and thanks to the support of many millions of people across the blog, new products, TV shows and even films have been successfully funded and released to the public in the years since.

There are many ways to help promote and fund your next creative project, and there are many options out there for monetising content. We’re big fans of giving people options which is why on Fanjolt creators will be able to take one-time payments, recurring payments and even sell additional digital content all from their own store. You can see our comparison with popular fan-funding platform Patreon on our FAQ.

Websites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter let fans pledge money one-time at price points set by the project owner. Sites like Patreon and OnlyFans work by having fans subscribe to a monthly donation that the creator receives a portion of each month. Ultimately you cannot have both options on any of the websites listed which is one of the problems we are trying to address on Fanjolt.

When it comes to promotion the best advice we can give is to initially reach out to your friends and family, if its a small creative project you want to fund you can use fan-funding service as little bit like a charity drive in your local community. Explain clearly what you are doing and how you will use the money and then promote your project locally. We’ve found that checking for local Facebook pages in your area and promoting it on there can really help you to secure funding for your project.

There are some limited tools available on the current fan funding platforms to help promote your project which revolve around being able to show a small introduction and updates on your project as it progresses. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube could also be an option to consider but with lots of other users vying for attention you can sometimes get crowded out.

Offering a good value proposition is key to achieving success with your project. Regular updates on how the project is progressing can be a really good and savvy way to keep your supporters in the loop and help drive interaction. Nobody likes it when projects go dark for months at the time so try to ensure that you can keep your supporters in the informed on what you are up to, including any new projects you might start after your current one. Maybe you are looking to fund your first creative project, or are looking to get back into the fan-funding scene. During our early access all creators will receive $250 in free credit as well as a bunch of other great perks.

- The Fanjolt Team

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