Choosing the right payment system

How were supporting 4 times as many countries as the largest fan-funding platform using PayPal.

Apr 28 · 3 min read

One of our key goals when designing Fanjolt was to ensure that as many creators as possible had access to our tools and services. We believe that by being as open as possible for creators to earn income we can help foster creator communities in countries that have historically been under-served by new platforms and technologies. Its should come as no surprise that in order to bring Fanjolt to as many users as possible worldwide, we need an established global payments provider that can safely provide these services.

Choosing PayPal initially was an easy choice for us, there are many payment providers that exist that can offer similar functionality, but ultimately the decision comes down to two different factors.

  • Worldwide adoption and country support
  • Ease of technical implementation

World adoption and country support

One of the key benefits of integrating with a system like PayPal is the support and breadth of services that can integrate with it. PayPal is supported in over 200 countries and also supports around 25 different currencies.

The country support is key here, our team has worked on several other products in the past where the issue of payment gateways has crept up and ultimately the issue we face is that by reducing the countries you support, allowing individuals to get access to that cash becomes orders of magnitude harder. We wouldn' feel good if we couldn't allow an individual in Sierra Leone to sign up just because of our choice in payment processor and nothing else.

PayPal also offers a wealth of really exciting features for creators in developing countries such as being able to hold money in a virtual bank account, easily convert money into different currencies and pay other PayPal users with minimal fees. There are also a wealth of other features but theres too many to mention for this post.

Ease of technical implementation

As we are building out Fanjolt we have to take great care when looking at the technical implementation of certain services. Payment processing is a core component of the platform and without it Fanjolt couldn't exist, this is why we were relieve to see how clear and easy it was to start taking payments through PayPal and integrating that into our system.

Were currently hard at work on the systems and methods for purchasing jolts (our site currency) our initial testing with PayPal has proved to be very successful and were confident that its robust enough to be able to deliver large amounts transactions successfully on the site.

We have decided that further down the line we would like to support more payment processors to give our users even more choice, but because of the ease of integrating PayPal with out systems, this is why we have decided to push it as our primary payment provider for the time being.

Closing thoughts

Ultimately, we understand some users would not prefer to use PayPal and have their own preferences; this is something were very keen to address in future updates and are aware that giving our creators more choice is only beneficial to the platform. From our research we've found however that PayPal is the largest, most widely supported and easiest to implement at a technical level and are proud to be able to offer it to all our creators on launch.

Speaking of launch, did you know that you can now sign up for our early access? Were giving all new creators $250 in free credit on launch just for signing up, as well as a bunch of early access only perks that you'll not be able to get after our full release. Check out our early access page to sign up today.

- The Fanjolt Team

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