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From features to philosophy, get to know our platform.

We're a small company with big ambitions. Find out information below on what drives us to create the world best fan-funding platform and some of the features you can expect!

What are we building?

At its simplest, Fanjolt is a better way for you to distribute and monetize your content to fans, whilst also providing a robust set of tools and features to help you run your own community. Whilst other platforms focus sorely on your income, we want to allow you to also engage effectively with your fans and make it easier to introduce potential fans to your content.

We believe we can provide all this at less cost than other services such as Patreon and OnlyFans which is why you can access all of our existing and future features for a flat 5% platform fee.

What is the Release Date for Fanjolt?

We are aiming for a 2019 release but we don’t want to rush it, if we find we need to make adjustments to get it just right we’ll let you know and hope you understand if there are small delays. We’ve already had some stellar feature suggestions we’re adding into the platform and as we are a small team, we appreciate your patience.

That being said, if you want to access our closed beta then use our closed beta form to get access as soon as we’re ready to test with live users. We anticipate this will be available around Summer/Autumn 2019. If you opt-in to platform update emails we can let you know when we have important news to share about features on the platform.

Do you have a closed beta programme?

Yes, we will be looking to onboard creators onto the platform as soon as we can to test and provide feedback on new features. Those who sign up early can grab our Founders bundle and get a bunch of extra perks when we go live. If you missed out on this bundle, don’t worry! You’ll still get a special flair on your profile for being a closed beta tester.

Are there any planned future features?

We’re always evolving the platform and if you think you have a killer idea, please do shoot us a message on Twitter or Instagram @fanjolt.

Our main focus after the main launch is ensuring we can get a mobile app built and released across major smartphone platforms. This will allow fans to access all of their subscriptions directly from mobile and allow creators to see essential stats and activity.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to provide the fairest and economically sustainable fan funding service on the web. In recent years we’ve seen growing businesses in the sector jostle and fight over small percentages here and there, as well as tightening restrictions on creators they don’t consider PR friendly.

As long as you aren’t doing anything illegal, we don’t think it should be our job to police what you can and can’t create, and that’s why we’re making a commitment to avoid over policing of creator content so you can get on with making what your fans love.

Our Team

We’re a small team of content creators and developers based all over in the United Kingdom and we are building Fanjolt as a global platform. So, if you’re wondering why we haven’t responded on twitter remember that we’re 4-8 hours ahead of the US!

If this all sounds very exciting to you and you’re interested in a career with us then why not take a look at our Jobs Page to see if there are any open job positions, we’re looking to fill.

How can I keep up to date with the platform?

If you’d like to keep up to date with in the pipeline then our blog is a good place to start we’re going to be posting there when time permits to keep you not only up to date on the platform but also learning more about all the interesting non-technical stuff associated with being a start-up, directly from our perspective.

If you’re looking for a more casual gander at what’s going on then follow us on twitter. We’ll be trying to keep you all in the loop there and its probably the best way to get in touch with us directly for the moment.

Media & Press Enquiries

If you’d like to talk to us a bit more about the platform or promotion, or for access to some of our official branding for articles or blog posts, please visit our media & press page.